Improve customer relationship

We developed a unique technology, a simple solution: a real click to call button

Now, customers can call you in one click from their browser/application and talk straight away to your supporting staff which will benefit from the relevant contextual data

User Benefits
Save time and enhance experience

  • Call from digital support in one click: browser/app
  • Talk straight to the right agent based on data collection (no IVR)
  • No need to explain the context of your call

Company benefits
Digitalize customer relationship

  • Enhance your digital support with voice channel implemented in less than 10 minutes
  • Route customer request to the specific agent thanks to contextual data
  • Receive qualified and contextualized calls: first name, last name, GPS position ...subject to settings and loggings
  • Measure call impact
  • Collect digital and voice customer data
  • Customer rating at the end of the call