Sales - Subscription

Improve subscription rate

We developed a unique technology, a simple solution: a real click to call button

On long/complex online subscription forms with high abandonment rate, buttons can be displayed at the right moment, with the right message, to incentivise prospects to call you in one click from their browse/application.
They will talk straight away to your sales staff which will benefit from the relevant contextual data.

User Benefits
Save time and enhance experience

  • Call from digital support in one click: browser/app
  • Talk straight to the right agent based on data collection (no IVR)
  • No need to explain the context of your call
  • Preserve phone number confidentiality

Company benefits
Increase your subscription rate

  • Enhance your digital support with voice channel implemented in less than 10 minutes
  • Each call button is customizable (message and display rules) to increase your conversion rate
  • Collect digital and voice customer data
  • Intelligent prediction of strategic and optimal locations for call button display
  • Route customer request to the specific agent thanks to contextual data
  • Receive qualified and contextualized calls: first name, last name, subscription step
  • Help to complete the form with the co-browsing solution
  • Measure call impact